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Ground mounted solar or a solar field is typically mounted low but can be lifted high in the air as well. Mounted either on long rails or in a pod or flower shape, they attach to the earth using either concrete footers or poles dug into the ground. This kind of solar can come with special equipment to track the path of the sun, which can make up to 40% more power per panel than a fixed system. Some of these pods can have a ground footprint as low as one square foot and won't kill the grass underneath them. Ground mounted solar is also a great way to put a lot of solar panels in one place!

Solar storage with batteries can range from small, off-grid machines and home energy backups to large-scale diesel-extenders and community-wide grid management systems. They are typically and properly very complex and custom systems, but also battery, charging, and grid management technologies become more elegant, scalable, and affordable every day.

Producing clean energy where it is used is the most affordable and sustainable energy on the planet, and an absolute requirement for resilience and true energy independence. Ask an FRE Representative how much power youcan make today.


Solar generates power during peak times, and can greatly reduce high-cost dispatchable assets. Tracker systems and high DC to AC ratios can stretch and flatten production curves, and battery storage can smooth out peaks and valleys. Solar is and will be a valued resource in any generation mix.


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